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Osho quotes on Guilt , quotes on Guilt , Best quotes on Guilt . understanding Guilt , Osho view on guilt , Osho on guilt ,

Osho quotes on Guilt
  • I am here to help you unburden all your guilt feelings. I am here to help you to start trusting yourself again. Once you start trusting your own being, no politician, no priest can exploit you. Man is always exploited through fear.

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Osho quotes on Yoga , what is yoga by osho , understanding yoga , yoga quotes by osho , osho on yoga ,

Osho quotes on Yoga
  • This is Patanjali’s definition. When there is no mind, you are in yoga; when there is mind you are not in yoga. So you may do all the postures, but if the mind goes on functioning, if you go on thinking, you are not in yoga. Yoga is the state of no-mind. If you can be without the mind without doing any posture, you have become a perfect yogi. It has happened to many without doing any postures, and it has not happened to many who have been doing postures for many lives.

Osho quotes on Tantra , quotes on Tantra , osho on tantra , what is tantra , understanding tantra , osho tantra meditation ,

Osho quotes on Tantra
  • It is only Tantra that has never been male chauvinistic. In fact, to go into Tantra you will need the cooperation of a wise woman; without a wise woman you will not be able to enter into the complex world of Tantra.

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Osho quotes on Jesus Christ
  • A Jesus had to be crucified because he was an alive man. He must have called in his childhood, "Jesus, don't be befooled by others." And he was not befooled, so others had to crucify him, because he was not part of the game. Socrates had to be poisoned and killed, Mansoor had to be murdered. These are people who have escaped from the prison, and whatsoever you say you cannot persuade them to come back. They will not come into the prison. They have known the freedom of the open sky.

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Osho quotes on Existence

  • Always go with the river of life. Never try to go against the current, and never try to go faster than the river. Just move in absolute relaxation, so that each moment you are at home, at ease, at peace with existence.

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Best and Inspirational quotes on Freedom, Best quotes on freedom , Osho quotes on freedom , Osho on freedom , what is freedom by osho , Osho meditation ,

Osho quotes on Freedom

  • `Freedom` means freedom from the mind. Then you are simply in a silence, and in that silence you melt, you merge with the whole. And to melt and merge with the whole is to be holy. Not by fasting, not by torturing, but by becoming one with the whole, one becomes holy.

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Osho quotes on Zen , quotes on Zen , Osho on Zen , Osho quotes , what is zen , what is zen meditation by osho , osho zen mediation ,

Osho quotes on Zen

  • I call Zen the only living religion because it is not a religion, but only a religiousness. It has no dogma, it does not depend on any founder. It has no past; in fact it has nothing to teach you. It is the strangest thing that has happened in the whole history of mankind – strangest because it enjoys in emptiness, it blossoms in nothingness. It is fulfilled in innocence, in not knowing. It does not discriminate between the mundane and the sacred. For it, all that is, is sacred.

Osho quotes on Intelligence , quotes on Intelligence , what is Intelligence , Intelligence by osho ,

Osho quotes on Intelligence
  • First, Know well that Intellectuality is not intelligence. To be intellectual is to be phony; it is a pretending intelligence. It is not real because it is not yours; it is borrowed. Intelligence is the growth of inner consciousness. It has nothing to do with knowledge, it has something to do with meditativeness. An intelligent person does not function out of his past experience; he functions in the present. He does not react, he responds. Hence he is always unpredictable; one can never be certain what he is going to do.

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Osho quotes on Individuality , Osho on Individuality , Osho quotes , Understanding Individuality ,

Osho quotes on Individuality
  • The greatest adventure that can happen to a human being is the movement from mind to no-mind, the movement from personality to individuality. The no-mind has an individuality: the mind is social.

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Osho quotes on Imitation , Osho on Imitation , what is Imitation , quotes on Imitation , what is Imitation , understanding Imitation ,

Osho quotes on Imitation

  • Don`t imitate: imitation creates falsity, pseudo-ness, inauthenticity. Just feel your own way and don`t bother about what others say. It is nobody else`s business. Don`t bother about what churches say, organizations say -- listen to your own heart.

Osho quotes on Heaven and Hell , quotes on Heaven and Hell , what is Heaven and Hell , understanding Heaven and Hell ,

Osho quotes on Heaven and Hell
  • Heaven and hell are not geographical. If you go in search of them you will never find them anywhere. They are within you, they are psychological. The mind is heaven, the mind is hell, and the mind has the capacity to become either. But people go on thinking everything is somewhere outside. We always go on looking for everything outside because to be inwards is very difficult. We are outgoing. If somebody says there is a god, we look at the sky. Somewhere, sitting there, will be the divine person.

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Osho Quotes on meditation, Best Meditation Quotes , Meditation Quotes , understanding meditation , Osho on meditation ,

Best Meditation Quotes

  • To be a criminal needs great unconsciousness. Meditation destroys your unconsciousness, opens the doors of light and suddenly what you were doing in the darkness starts disappearing.

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Osho quotes on Violence , Osho on Violence , Osho quotes , Understanding Violence , what is Violence by osho ,

Osho quotes on Violence
  • The terrorism is not in the bombs, in your hands; the terrorism is in your unconscious.
  • Ambition is violence, the very effort to succeed in the world is violent.

Osho quotes on Surrender , Osho quotes , what is Surrender , osho explain Surrender , what is Surrender ,

Osho quotes on Surrender
  • Surrendering means non-desiring.

  • An enlightened person is the richest person possible, but his richness comes from surrender, not from fight. He does not... he has not any conflict with the whole. He has fallen in harmony, he is in a harmonia. 

Osho quotes on Frustration , Osho quotes , quotes on Frustration , Understanding Frustration , what is Frustration ,

Osho quotes on Frustration
  • Expectation brings frustration. Private ambitions bring failures.
  • All desiring is desiring for the futile. It leads only into frustration.
  • Any object of desire is bound to bring frustration. Any expectation is bound to turn into frustration. Expectation is the beginning of frustration, the very seed. Beware of it!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Osho quotes on Seriousness , Osho on Seriousness , what is Seriousness , Osho explains Seriousness ,

Osho quotes on Seriousness

  • I teach you joy, not sadness. I teach you playfulness, not seriousness. I teach you love and laughter, because to me there is nothing more sacred than love and laughter, and there is nothing more prayerful than playfulness. I don't teach you renunciation, as it has been taught down the ages. I teach you: Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice again! Rejoicing should be the essential core of my sannyasins.

Osho quotes on God , Osho quotes , Osho explains God , What is God By Osho , Osho quotes on Godliness,

Osho quotes on God
  • If you are a man of prayer, existence appears as God, as personal. If you are a man of meditation, existence is impersonal, just a wholeness, a divineness. For the man of prayer there is God; for the man of awareness there is godliness but no God.

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Osho quotes on Society

  • To me, each individual is far more valuable than society as a whole.

  • This whole society, up to now, has been very violent with the individual. It does not believe in the individual; it is against the individual. It tries in every possible way to destroy you for its own purposes. It needs clerks, it needs stationmasters, deputy-collectors, policemen, magistrates, it needs soldiers. It does not need human beings.

  • Because all the societies, all the nations, all the cultures, have taken it for granted that the individuals exist for them, not vice-versa. To me, just the opposite is the case: the society exists for the individual, the culture exists for the individual, the nation exists for the individual. Everything can be sacrificed, but the individual cannot be sacrificed for anything. Individuality is the very flowering of existence -- nothing is higher than it. But no culture, no society, no civilization is ready to accept a simple truth.

  • The society wants you to have beautiful personalities; the society wants you to have personalities which are comfortable for the society, convenient for the society. But the person is not the real thing, the individual is the real thing. The individual is not necessarily always comfortable to the society -- in fact he is very inconvenient.

  • During the first seven years, every society tries to condition the mind -- and conditioning means nothing but hypnosis: forcing authority, law, tradition, religion, scripture, the priest, the church, into the innermost unconscious of the child so that from there you can control him.

  • All the great masters in the world have been saying only one thing down the centuries, "Have your own mind and have your own individuality. Don't be a part of the crowd; don't be a wheel in the whole mechanism of a vast society. Be individual, on your own. Live life with your own eyes; listen to music with your own ears." But we are not doing anything with our own ears, with our own eyes, with our own minds; everything is being taught, and we are following it.

  • The individual has totally different interests from the society, because the society has no soul. The society is soulless. And if you become too much a part of the society, it will reduce your soul also to a non-entity. Beware, before you have lost your whole opportunity. Don't be a slave. Follow society to the point you feel is needed, but always remain master of your own destiny.

  • Remember, character is not of much value. What is valuable is consciousness -- not conscience but consciousness. Conscience is created by the society. The more foolish you are, the more the society is able to create a conscience in you. It gives you an idea how to live your life. It manipulates you in a very subtle way. It hypnotizes you and conditions you. And the conditioning is so long that you forget completely that these are not your ideas.

  • Society is just a structure with no soul. The soul is of the individual. One individual outweighs all societies. And, one individual's revolution outweighs all revolutions in the whole of history, because one man can become the womb for God to be reborn.

  • The more you become a part of society, the less and less you are an individual, the less and less you are spontaneous -- because the very membership in the society will not allow you to be spontaneous. You will have to follow the rules of the game. If you enter a society, you accept to follow those rules that the society is playing, or has decided to play.

  • Meditation means: put the mind aside and watch. The first step -- LOVE YOURSELF -- will help you tremendously. By loving yourself you will have destroyed much that society has implanted within you. You will have become freer from the society and its conditioning.

  • The fool knows nothing of God; he never comes across anything divine. He remains part of the stupid collectivity. Remember, the society, the collective has no soul; the soul belongs to the individual. Hence, those who belong to the collective are destroying every possibility of being souls.

  • Meditation means a state of unconditioned mind. Meditation is the process of undoing the harm that every society goes on doing to every individual -- communist or Catholic, Jaina or Jew, it does not matter. I am not talking about any particular conditioning that is wrong; I am saying conditioning AS SUCH is wrong.

  • I call a man a sannyasin who breaks out of these institutions and lives spontaneously. To be a sannyasin is the most courageous act possible. To be a sannyasin means to live without the mind, and the moment you live without mind you live without society. The mind has created society, and society has created the mind; they are interdependent. To be a sannyasin means to renounce all that is false but not to renounce the world, to renounce all that is unauthentic, to renounce all the answers, to be responsive, spontaneously responsive, and not to think about the reasons, but to be real.

  • Law is for the society; love is for the individual. Law is how you behave with others; love is how you behave with yourself. Love is an inner flowering; law is an outward performance. Because you live with people you have to be lawful, but that is not enough -- good, but not enough.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Osho quotes on Suffering , Osho quotes , quotes on Suffering , what is Suffering , Osho explains Suffering , Osho quotes on Suffering ,

Osho quotes on Suffering
  • You would like to live a life where there is no suffering, but that life is not possible if you continuously carry the ego with you. You cannot make a life around you so that suffering disappears. If you carry the ego, again and again you will bump into some reality which will hurt the unreal. Whenever there is an encounter between reality and unreality, the unreal causes suffering.

Friday, July 28, 2017


Osho quotes on Smoking

  • In countries where breast-feeding has stopped, more smoking will automatically be there. That's why the West smokes more than the East -- because no mother is ready to give her breast to the child because the shape is lost. So in the West smoking is increasing more and more; even small children are smoking.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Best and inspirational Quotes on seriousness , Quotes on seriousness , Best Quotes on seriousness , what is seriousness , osho on seriousness ,

Best and inspirational Quotes on seriousness

  • Be sincere, but not serious. Sincerity is something else, seriousness is something else. If you are serious you are thinking in terms of goals, means and ends, ways and achievement; you are ambitious. Seriousness is ambition and it is a disease. You may have turned your attention from this world, but your ambitious mind is now thinking about the other. Seriousness is not religious. A serious man will automatically become a philosophic man; he will start thinking. Seriousness is of the head. That's why a serious person, a thinker, becomes a long face. He cannot even laugh, he cannot smile, he cannot play, because always he is thinking: "What is to be achieved through it?"

Friday, July 21, 2017

Best and Inspirational quotes on imitation by Osho , Inspirational quotes on imitation , Best quotes on imitation by Osho , imitation quotes by Osho , osho on imitation ,

Best and Inspirational quotes on imitation by Osho

  • Imitation is a substitute for understanding, and a very poor substitute. If understanding is there, there is no question of imitating or of following: you will follow understanding. Keep this very clear: if you follow your understanding, you will be following me. By and by you will see that your path and my path are running parallel. By and by you will see that you are following me if you follow your understanding. If you follow me and forget your understanding sooner or later you will see that I am gone and you are left in darkness. The real way to follow me is not to follow me but to follow your understanding -- then even when I am gone you will be following me. It looks paradoxical but Zen is paradoxical.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Osho Quotes on Death , Quotes on Death , Osho explain Death , osho on Death , what is death by osho ,

                    Osho Quotes on Death

  • Once you are afraid of death you are bound to be afraid of life. That`s why I am talking about this Hasidic approach. The whole approach consists of methods, ways and means of how to die -- the art of dying is the art of living also. Dying as an ego is being born as a non `ego; dying as a part is being born as a whole; dying as man is a basic step towards being born as a God.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Osho quotes on Fear

  • Any conflict will create more barriers. If there is fear and you start doing something about it, then a new fear has entered: fear of the fear. It has become more complex. So the one thing to be done is, if fear is there, accept it. Don`t do anything about it because doing will not help. Anything that you do out of fear will create more fear; anything that you do out of confusion will add more to confusion. Don`t do anything. If fear is there note down that fear is there and accept it. What can you do? Nothing can be done; fear is there. See, if you can just note down the fact that fear is there, where is the fear then?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Osho quotes on Spirituality

  • Spirituality is not a question of morality, it is a question of vision. Spirituality is not the practising of virtues -- because if you practise a virtue it is no longer a virtue. A practised virtue is a dead thing, a dead weight. Virtue is virtue only when it is spontaneous; virtue is virtue only when it is natural, unpractised -- when it comes out of your vision, out of your awareness, out of your understanding.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Osho quotes on Laughter , quotes on Laughter , Osho on Laughter , What is Laughter , Osho Laughter , laughter by osho ,

Osho quotes on Laughter

  • Laughter is spiritual health. And laughter is very unburdening. While you laugh, you can put your mind aside very easily. For a man who cannot laugh the doors of the buddha are closed. To me, laughter is one of the greatest values. No religion has ever thought about it. They have always been insisting on seriousness, and because of their insistence the whole world is psychologically sick.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Osho Quotes on Sex, Best Quotes on sex , t Quotes on sex , osho On Sex , What is sex ,

Osho Quotes on Sex

  • You can be intense in sex and you may not be sincere, because sex is not necessarily love. You may be very, very intense in your sexuality -- but once sexuality is fulfilled, it is finished, the intensity gone. Love may not look so intense, but it is sincere -- and because it is sincere, the intensity continues. In fact, if you are really in love it becomes a timelessness. It is always intense. And make a clear distinction: if you are intense without sincerity, you cannot be forever intense. Only momentarily you can be intense; when the desire arises you are intense. It is not really your intensity. It is enforced by the desire.

Osho quotes on Emptiness, Best quotes on Emptiness , quotes on Emptiness , Best quotes on Emptiness by osho , osho Best quotes on Emptiness , Best quotes ,

Osho Quotes On Emptiness

  • You are so addicted and you have become so habituated that you cannot allow the cup to be empty even for a single moment. The moment you see emptiness anywhere you start filling it. You are so scared of emptiness, you are so afraid.: emptiness appears like death. You will fill it with anything, but you will fill it.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Osho meditation quotes, Best Quotes on Meditation, Best on Meditation , Meditation Best Quotes , what is Meditation , Understanding Meditation ,

 Best Quotes on Meditation

  • To be choiceless is to be in meditation. To be choiceless is to enter the eternal. To be of choice is to enter the world: the dream world, the divided world, the false, the pseudo, the illusory world.

Osho quotes on Sin , Best quotes on sin , what is sin , understanding sin by osho , understanding osho , what is sin by osho ,

Osho Quotes on Sin

  • People are living in unconsciousness, doing all kinds of things in unconsciousness. Everybody is an unconscious robot. We are just pretending that we are conscious; we are not conscious. The moment you become conscious, all unconscious actions disappear from your life. Your life starts moving in a new dimension. Your each act comes out of inner clarity; your each response is virtuous, is virtue. To live unconsciously is to live in sin; to live consciously is to be virtuous, is to be religious. And to live in total awareness is to be a buddha, is to be a christ.

Osho quotes on Ego, Best Quotes on ego , quotes on ego , best quotes on mind , quotes on mind

Osho Quotes On Ego

  • The ego is goal-oriented. The ego is hankering for the future. It can hanker even for the other life, it can hanker for heaven, it can hanker for nirvana. It doesn`t matter what it hankers for -- hankering is what it is, desiring is what it is, projecting into the future is what it is.

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Osho meditation quotes , Best quotes on Meditation , Quotes on meditation , meditation quotes , all time best quotes on meditation

Best Meditation Quotes

  • The secret of meditation is the art of unlearning. Mind is learning; meditation is unlearning: that is — die constantly to your experience; let it not imprison you; experience becomes a dead weight in the living and flowing, riverlike consciousness.

Osho quotes on Security , quotes on security , best quotes on security , what is security , understanding security ,

Osho quotes on Security

  • If you are seeking for security, certainty, your eyes will become closed. And you will be less and less surprised and you will lose the capacity to wonder. Once you lose the capacity to wonder, you have lost religion. Religion is the opening of your wondering heart. Religion is a receptivity for the mysterious that surrounds us. Don't seek security; don't seek advice on how to live your life.

Osho quotes on Effortlessness , quotes on effortlessness, effortlessness quotes , meditation quotes, what is effortlessness , understanding effortlessness

Osho quotes on Effortlessness

  • You will have to learn ways of relaxing in the present. Enlightenment is not an effort to achieve something. It is a state of effortlessness. It is a state of no-action. It is a state of tremendous passivity, receptivity. You are not doing anything, you are not thinking anything, you are not planning for anything, you are not doing yoga exercises, and you are not doing any technique, any method -- you are simply existing, just existing. And in that very moment... the sudden realization that all is as it should be. That`s what enlightenment is!

  • If you come to a really religious man you will feel a grace around him, effortless. He has not done anything to himself, he has simply relaxed into the ultimate, and you feel the effortlessness around him.

  • The whole zen attitude is to bring to your notice the fact that there is no effort to be made. The zen attitude is that of effortlessness.

  • With effort, reach to effortlessness. With seeking, reach to a state of no-seeking. With mind, arrive at no-mind.

  • First you have to do all that you can do, and then you have to learn non-doing. The doing of the non-doing is the greatest doing, and the effort of effortlessness is the greatest effort.

  • The first thing to be understood: effort is needed, but effort alone is not enough -- effort and then effortlessness, effort plus effortlessness. Effort precedes, and then effortlessness follows. Effortlessness is the peak of effort, it comes only when you have reached the peak

  • Effortlessness means not doing anything, inactivity -- AKARMA. Effort means doing much, activity -- KARMA. Both have to be there. Do much, but don`t be a doer -- then you achieve both. Move in the world, but don`t be a part of it. Live in the world, but don`t let the world live in you. Then the contradiction has been absorbed. Then you are not rejecting anything, not denying anything. Then the whole God has been accepted.

  • If you are going towards the easy, the ego starts dying. And when there is no ego left, you have arrived to your reality -- the right, the truth. And truth and right have to be natural. Easy means natural; you can find them without any effort. Easy is right means natural is right, effortlessness is right, egolessness is right.

  • Effort brings you to the moment of effortlessness, and effortlessness makes you available to God. So effort is not absolutely unnecessary, remember. It is not a condition to attain truth but it is a condition to attain effortlessness. It is just like when for the whole day you have been working hard, then in the night you move into a very very deep sleep. But if you have rested the whole day then in the night you will toss and turn and there will be no deep sleep possible. The whole day`s effort makes it possible for you to relax. Exactly the same is the case with truth. Do whatsoever you can do, and by doing it non doing will flower. By doing it you will be able to relax. And when the relaxation is total, truth simply descends. It is a visit of the beyond.

BEST AND INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ON LETTING GO , what is let it go , understanding let it go , quotes on letting go

Best and Inspiring Quotes on Letting go
  • Buddha says: Remember, you have to do much, but the ultimate always happens when you are not doing anything. It happens in a let-go. PRANIHAN IS the state of let-go. You do all that you can do; it will help, it will prepare the ground, but it cannot cause the truth to happen. When you have done everything that you can do, then relax, then nothing more is left to be done. In that relaxing, in that let-go, the truth happens. Truth is not something that we can bring. It comes, it descends, it happens; it is nothing of your doing.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Osho quotes on meditation , meditation quotes , quotes on meditation , understanding meditation by osho ,

Osho quotes on meditation 

  • Meditation means how to be not a mind. How to be not a mind! Meditation means how to create the state of no-mindedness. It doesn't mean unconsciousness. It means conscious and still, without any disturbance in the consciousness; conscious with no ripples, with no waves, with no vibrations;

Osho quotes on Sannyas , quotes on sannyas , what is sannyas , sannyas quotes by osho , Understanding Sannyas ,

Osho quotes on Sannyas

  • That is the meaning of my SANNYAS: be in the world but don't be of it.
  • That's what sannyas is all about: the art of living in the world without being part of it, the art of living life without being identified with it. That's what real let-go is.

Osho quotes on Ecstasy , quotes on ecstasy , understanding ecstasy , osho on ecstasy ,

Osho quotes on Ecstasy

  • The whole art of meditation is, how to leave the personality easily, move to the center, and be not a person. Just to be and not be a person is the whole art of meditation, the whole art of inner ecstasy.